Client Testimonials


Clients say this about working with Siva…

Dear Siva, I just want to share something with you. Yesterday I asked my doctor’s office for my history of chest x-rays I’ve had since 2009. I discovered something amazing. Between Jan 2009-Dec 2012, I had 2-3 chest x-rays PER YEAR, due to chronic bronchitis. Since you started treating me in Jan 2013, ZERO chest x-rays, ZERO bronchitis. I’m sure this is not a unique story for you, but I thought you should know. Thank you for all you do!! – JaJa

My life has changed as the result of our last session. I am so thankful for my time with you. – Pat

While healing from my second battle with cancer I was searching for a health practitioner who could be part of my ‘well team’ and guide me in holistic health. A friend suggested Dr. Siva Mohan and I am eternally grateful. Dr. Siva is a warm, caring and knowledgable practitioner. She has a deep understanding of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian Science of Health. She is also educated in Western medicine, which is a great bonus when analyzing my various test results. Today I feel physically, mentally and spiritually better than I have for decades! And with Dr. Siva’s continued guidance I have become more sensitive to my needs in terms of diet, lifestyle and mindset. I’ve sent several of my friends to her and they are also reporting good results from working with her.” – Unni

I am forever grateful for the day I met Dr. Mohan. I have seen many doctors over the years and have found very few who exhibit the breadth of knowledge, wisdom, compassion and trueness of intention that Dr. Mohan does (and at such a young age too!). In so many ways, she combines the roles of authority figure/expert, mentor, mother, sister, friend, healer and role model. Not only has she lovingly guided me on my holistic quest, but she has encouraged me to become my own healer. – Elana

I feel like a lot of things that I thought were fairly separate before ayurveda are now showing themselves to be intimately connected, and I feel hopeful that some mental and physical issues that I figured I would just have to deal with might be greatly helped by the balance that ayurveda seeks to help us bring to our lives. – Claudia

Dr. Mohan is one of the most well-educated, professional, intuitive, kind, compassionate and charming practitioners I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing – and I’ve known many! I’ve worked with her for a number of years and trust her implicitly. She’s been a tremendous and beautiful influence on all areas of my life – body, mind, spirit – and even was an inspiration in my decision to return to school for a graduate degree in Integrative Health. – Kelly

Dr. Mohan has changed my life!  Through simple exercises, breath work, supplements and lifestyle changes she has done wonders in helping me out!  Just being in her presence makes me feel wonderful!  I recommend her to anyone, whether you are having stress problems, pregnancy or if you just want to supplement your lifestyle for the positive, she is great for the job! – Cassandra

It is very easy to talk to Dr. Mohan – I feel comfortable approaching her with anything. I am more open with her than I ever have been with any doctor and most friends! She is always very insightful about life and issues that I’m dealing with.

I am more mindful of everything I do – from eating/drinking practices, to schedule, sleep, interactions with others, relationships… I’m learning how absolutely everything ties together.

Ayurveda has been nothing less than transformative in my life. It has been a crucial factor in my developing knowledge of the importance of balancing mind, body & spirit in order to achieve optimal health in this lifetime.”–Monica

Siva is amazing! Wouldn’t want anyone else. –C.J.

Ayurveda has changed my life for the better and I enjoy integrating it into my life everyday and sharing it with my loved ones.

Working with Dr. Mohan is easy and comfortable! She makes everything really easy to understand. -Jacob

I am starting to feel my body more and becoming more aware of my participation in the things that are happening in my life.

My sessions with Dr. Mohan are very informative, positive, and I feel blessed that Siva shares her wisdom with me. –Natalie

Ayurveda has taught me more about myself and given me a sense of control and understanding over things in my life, body, and mind.

Working with Siva has been excellent! –Jim

I feel very comfortable with Dr. Mohan, both as a person and as an ayurvedic practitioner. I feel like she genuinely listens to me and is seeing me as a whole person. Even though I’m not super close to Long Beach, after meeting Dr. Mohan at an introductory lecture I felt pretty sure that she was the person I was supposed to work with regarding ayurveda and I continue to feel that way now that I am seeing her.

It amazed me that simple dietary changes could make such a difference in my body! –Mark

Dr. Mohan was very easy to talk to and very knowledgeable about what to do for my condition.

Ayurveda has helped be to learn more about the nature and qualities of my personal body-mind existence and how to try and best sustain it through the use of ayurvedic medicine.

It has always been very comfortable during consultations with Dr. Mohan. She explains ayurveda and your experience with it succinctly.

The herbal formulas have given me a nice start on better digestive health which is imperative with my strong family history of colon cancer. I rest easier knowing that I am doing all that I can to have better health.Thank you for everything and I look forward to working with you in the coming New Year! You have been a Godsend!! –Robbie

Ayurveda has changed my life! Thank you for giving me calm, happiness, fearlessness and boundless energy. I never knew I could feel so amazing. I wake up everyday feeling more grateful than the day before, the tools you have given me will serve me for the rest of my life and for that I am ever grateful. Siva, I treasure your guidance and friendship. –Maria

Working with you has helped me transform mind, body, and spirit. The insights into these realms along with wonderful ayurvedic approaches to creating dosha balance are invaluable. The work is all the more beneficial because it is accomplished in the context of such a wise and compassionate healer. –Kim

I am amazed with the work I have done for the last 6 months. The main reason of this good work is you, your professionalism, and your personality. I really enjoy our sessions in your office because I get a lot from them. Thank you very much!!! –Silvia

I have been working with Siva for 3 months, and my heart is opening up! In that short time I have unlocked a lifetime of useless should’s and false beliefs that don’t serve me. My digestive system is already working much better as well, which somehow seems to help me digest my emotions. Siva is the light in the tunnel that is guiding me to my space in the Sun again. I trust Siva. She is a gift I give myself. I still see my various doctors too however I am confident that I will soon not need as many band aids. I’m healing from the inside!! Much gratitude to Siva’s parents. – Kim

Working with Siva has been an amazing healing experience. I’ve spent 5 years trying to regain my health. This year with Siva has resulted in a huge improvement to my digestive system and overall feeling of well-being. I’m off all prescription medications and sleeping like a baby. Siva has tremendous insight into emotional and spiritual issues. Even though we are only working by phone twice a month, it feels like she knows me and my family dynamics very intimately. I’m very excited to continue my work with Siva and living more ayurvedic! – Michele

I so enjoyed talking with you. Thanks for your loving insights and support. Thank you for encouraging my asking for my needs. – Judy