We don’t accept insurance. Or rather, they don’t accept us. Ayurveda is not yet covered by traditional HMO and PPO plans. This means we are an “out of pocket” expense. For many of us, the first steps on our journey to wellness is to make our health a priority, and one that we invest in.

This is not a standardized process. Rather, its completely customized. Some clients prefer to meet every week for more regular support. Others are stellar on homework and need less support. Some prefer 30 min succinct sessions to address focused topics, other prefer 1.5 hour sessions to delve deeper in to multiple areas of their life experience.

We have multiple options to meet your needs.

Here is what budgeting for your process could look like. Below you will find a sample cost per month and what is included in each month. Again, this is a sample. Your particular journey may vary from this.

Month 1: $450-500

Intake Forms (1 hr)
2 hr Intake
1 hr analysis by Siva

Month 2: $450

Report of Findings (1.5 hrs)
1 Follow Up Visit (1 hr)
1 Herbal Formula

Months 3-5: $450 per month

2 Follow Up Visits per month (2 hrs)
2 Herbal Formulas

Months 6-8: $265 per month

1 Follow Up Visit per month (1 hr)
3 Herbal Formulas

Months 9-12: $185 per month

1 Follow Up Visit every 4-6 wks (1 hr)
3 Herbal Formulas