Workshop Testimonials

Thank you sooooo much for such an inspiring class. You have a gift for explaining Ayurveda in a multi-layered and captivating way. I’m hooked and I definitely want to learn more. – Cassandra

I have attended many YogaWorks workshops and I believe this to be the most beneficial. It was highly organized and yet flexible to open up a new path. Extremely informative – I gained so much insight in the quick 4 hours. I am grateful for Dr. Mohan’s ability to clearly and interestingly teach such a difficult topic with the integrity of the wisdom teaches. I would jump at the chance to take another workshop with her.

Thank you for sharing this life-changing wisdom! It was such an inspiring day and I can only hope it’s the beginning of an ongoing practice! Please continue what you do!

Thank you so much! What a wonderful and practical way to work the energetic practices of ayurveda. My brain has been so tripped up in the categorization of vata, pitta, kapha, it was so freeing when you said to use the senses, that we have the power to listen to the wisdom within us. Thank you for gettig me our of my head and back into my heart!

The workshop was so perfect for what I needed. I expected the day to focus on Ayurvedic medicine only. The workshop was so comprehensive and on point for whole body/mind/spirit balance. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

The Day of Beauty was wonderful! It was so relaxing and I learned so much. I think my favorite part was yoga nidra with our masks on. I felt so relaxed and in another world, I could do that every day. It was nice being with a group of other women who asked different questions – at least different from what I was thinking to ask – so we really got to learn a lot of different things about health, skin, digestion and food.

Dr. Siva’s engaging personality and whip smart knowledge bring the mysteries of Ayurveda to vibrant life. I can’t wait until she returns to our studios!

I enjoy your calmness, your smile, the way you educate on an intimate level, yet it is a knowledge and verbage I understand. I liked the information and how you make it seem “do-able”. Thank you Thank you

Siva’s Introduction to Ayurveda led me to greater acceptance of myself and realizing the need for me to take better care of myself if I want to be able to express my better parts. Siva’s Welcome to the new you let me experience some of the tools for better self care and helped me realize I not only need to understand the principles but I need to implement them as well, especially when I am feeling stressed. Siva not only has great knowledge but also great intuition.

Dear Siva, You are a Goddess of Wisdom! No matter how many times I hear you speak, I continue to be amazed at the insights and clarity you bring to whole-ism. You give me layers upon layers of better understanding our beingness in this world. The first time I attended one of your courses at your home you defined Ayurveda as EMPOWERMENT! You reverberate so much empowerment through your teachings! I am overjoyed that despite the distance I am able to continue to learn from you & grow in my being. Thank you deeply for who you are, all you do and the magic of your words!!

The workshop was full of very nutritious food for thought and many “aha” moments. I believe I will apply my knowledge to make many positive changes in our household. I loved the setting and the pace. I would and will certainly recommend it. Having a delicious ayurvedic meal was the icing on the cake. Very grateful to have attended. I look forward to deepening my understanding and knowledge with you. Namaste. – Intro to Ayurvedic Living

Great workshop with awesome food to stimulate the senses! I really enjoyed this intro to ayurvedic living. It was a great contrast to the 1:1 meeting during my individual sessions and I felt like I was part of a greater community of health/knowledge seers. I know I’m always connected to my spiritual community but it’s nice to see and meet other co-creators.

This has been a very informative introduction to ayurvedic living. It provided a nice balance of “big picture” and real actions to take. And the food was amazing! Thanks!